Presence Academy

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AboutThe Client

Presence Academy offers experiential learning, video training courses & transformative coaching specially designed to help you develop & awaken your greater human potential in the engagement of work, love & life. The current digital age calls for the integration of timeless wisdom with the potentiality of our emerging technological future.

Presence Academy is like a jedi training container for the 21st century with the best practices to rewire & activate your greater human potential combining essential wisdom principles with the latest developmental psychology & science as well as advanced practices for enhanced energetic competencies with practical life skills.

Whether you want greater purpose, productivity & potency at work, more love, connection & intimacy in your romantic love relationship healing, empowerment & freedom of expression through your body or deepening the awakening process & embodied spiritual openness, Presence is the doorway to awakening your greatness in work, love & life.

About this project

Presence Academy is the future of experiential gamified learning to realize & embody your greater human potential in work, love & life. Based upon 1000’s of hours of researching the best practices for human self-actualization, personal development, professional performance, relationship thriving.

Presence Academy offers specially designed high-engagement courses, experiential skill-based learning processes delivered online in practical step-by-step gamified levels. Our faculty of master coaches & trainers support your optimal learning & engagement through personalized feedback, coaching & built-in accountability support systems.