My Tonic Face

To make our face toned, prevent and smooth out wrinkles on the face, neck and décolleté, FACE FITNESS is one of the methods that is taking hold all over the world today. A natural, healthy, cheap and affordable for everyone.


The Client


We are used to thinking that aging affects only our skin and that wrinkles must be combated by intervening only on skin care, but the processes of time affect all the tissues of our body such as bones, muscles, connective tissues, blood vessels etc … With age, the muscles of our face become thinner, lose their elasticity and contract reducing in their size and volume. Having many mimic muscles on the face that have insertion in the dermis, they deform it by manifesting unpleasant furrows and wrinkles. After losing muscle support, the layers of subcutaneous fat move downwards by gravity, forming the so much hated protrusions above and below the eyes, cheeks and chin. Unfortunately, these changes are already beginning